About Me

A bit about me

Shanelle Harrison is an emerging visual artist and educator born and raised in Columbia, Maryland. She received her B.A. from Morgan State University. In Baltimore, Shanelle teaches at Art with a Heart, an organization dedicated to bringing art programs to schools and communities with at-risk youth. She is an activist and mental health advocate who believes in using art to promote social change.

In her free time, she creates YouTube art tutorials to give everyone access to art education. She creates art merchandise for protests and donated over $200 in proceeds to the Baltimore Action Legal Team. She gardens as a form of self-grounding and nurturing the earth she cultivates from. She enjoys reading books, taking random road trips, and embraces the idea of spiritual journeys. Shanelle aspires to open a community center creating a haven for children to share their creativity with like-minded individuals and promote careers in the arts. Recently, Shanelle exhibited work for The Cumberland Valley Artists’ juried exhibition at The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, Maryland, The Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan, and The American Hungarian Foundation in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Philosophy & Mission

I created this book to merge my passions for visual art and teaching children. As an educator, my goal is to inspire students to embrace freedom of expression by enhancing their self-confidence and artistic consciousness so they become better citizens of the world.