An Introduction To Colors

The Curious Colors book is an interactive introduction to color and shapes for children. This 58-page activity book engages your child with color theory, shape, and writing activities.


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Fine Motor Skills

By holding paint brushes, crayons and pencils children are exercising and developing the small muscles in their hands and wrists.



A major goal in our book is to assists children in exploring not only, who they are but also who they are becoming and how they see others.

Being Present

‘Being’ encompasses the doing, creating, making and producing. But it’s also about children making meaning of their world and their place in it. Rather than requiring children to follow strict instructions, children should be free to imagine and generate their own ideas.
Dr Barbara Piscitelli

Why This Book?

Many people assume that creativity is an inborn talent that their kids either do or do not have; just as all children are not equally athletic, all children are not equally creative. Recent studies are finding that creativity is more skill than inborn talent, and it is a skill parents can help their kids develop. My goal with this book is to empower your child to explore their own creativity. When they are lost it will offer a helping hand and more importantly when they have their own vision, they will be able to explore the world as they see it!

Why I Wrote This Book

I created this book to merge my passions for visual art and teaching children. As an educator, my goal is to inspire students to embrace freedom of expression by enhancing their self-confidence and artistic consciousness so they become better citizens of the world.

Shanelle Harrison

Award Winning Visual Artist, Educator, and Author

About The Author

Shanelle Harrison

Hello! I am a visual artist and educator born and raised in Columbia, Maryland. I received my B.A. from Morgan State University. Most of the time you will find me in Baltimore, teaching with “Art with a Heart”, an organization dedicated to bringing art programs to schools and communities with at-risk youth.


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What Our Families are Saying

This coloring book is super cute, my daughter loves it and quite frankly, I do too! Lol So I spent some quiet time with my daughter coloring in the different pages, in short, yes, I like this coloring book very much 🙂
I bought this coloring book as a birthday gift for a five year old girl…and she loved it! I really enjoy the layout of the book. The pictures are easy tear off the sheet and give it to their friends/family without sacrificing another coloring page. The cover is sturdy and well made.
I bought this because my 4-yr-old grandson requested that I color with him and as we each have new sets of pencil crayons (192 all together) I wanted to get something with cute drawings he’d love, and paper quality that I’d love. This book is it!